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As the speed of digital cameras also catch up with the upgrading of fashion changes, usually listed about a year, models, models listed as an upgrade, will enter the so-called cut-off period. The industry have suggested that front-line brands of digital cameras, discontinued model may also wish to consider buying. “Obsolete” the word, probably the most used is to describe Clothing . With the change in the trend of fashion will have updates every quarter, if the last quarter of the clothes to wear now, the fashion circle of people will be unrelenting to tell you, “outdated,” the.

Now “obsolete” the term can also be used to describe the digital camera. As the speed of digital cameras also catch up with the upgrading of fashion changes, usually listed about a year, models, models listed as an upgrade, will enter the so-called cut-off period. In fact, some consumers find that some of the new upgraded version of the old model is technically not much change in image quality is not much difference, but after the old model price cuts cost higher. This issue, we take a look, models which entered the market, “cut-off” cycle model is worth, “Amoy”, if they had been held on the sidelines prior to the user, is after all a good time to consider stocking. Digital camera market is about one and a half life It is understood, usually in order to stimulate new market demand, DC makers usually release new models will be a period of time. Some new series of models, some old models of the upgrade. For example, the Canon G11 is an upgraded version of G10. After the listing of the new models models, under normal circumstances, dealers will be a price cut on old models, as is the old model of inventory empty, is worth noting that some models will be discontinued because there prices of the situation. Listed in the new models about six months to a year’s time, the old model will be discontinued. The same time, digital manufacturers usually is six months or a year to upgrade, so a digital camera models on the market life of about one and a half to two years, after which consumers will gradually fade out of sight. This is why some consumers a fancy digital camera, so more than a year finally dropping their prices, dealers told you, “no goods are confidential tone” or “discontinued, and buy it new models . ” To industry sources, the upgrading of digital products quickly has become the most DC firms to maintain market excitement and the price means.

Because now the growing homogenization of digital cameras, so many upgrades only enhance the pixels, screen size, zoom number, ISO the wide degree of ordinary consumers feel when using the difference is not significant. Can buy discontinued models? Press from time to time such problems mentioned by consumers, will soon suspend production or discontinued digital camera can not buy? Worthwhile to buy? Service if there are problems, when a product problem, replacement parts are required, it will not? In fact, from the cost point of view, firms in order to promote new models, older models of products are usually a “cut prices to go Weihuo.” If it is not a feature of the new models there is a demand, can meet the older of the case, older models are more cost-effective. Of course, we here mean by “cut-off machine” is the end or the beginning of this year such as listing, in the end of this year, early next year will be discontinued, or has been discontinued for about two to three months some major brands of digital cameras. According to dealers introduced, in accordance with international practice, the digital product discontinued after 24 months and gradually stop providing free warranty service, discontinued after 48 months to phase out parts of heavy equipment and paid to provide commissioning, shutdown 60 months After the cessation of components and other services related to this product. Discontinued older digital cameras, some parts will be gradually discontinued, when the cut-off models longer When replacement parts are required to wait a long time.


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