Here's How: The Gizmo Closure

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It’s a familiar complaint: Mixed drinks get stale after they’ve sat around in the bottle. All the flavoring settles to the bottom, it becomes thick and syrupy, reconstituting it becomes a challenge. Whatever the excuse might be, the bottom line is that people like their mixed drinks and flavored beverages to be fresh, not taste like they sat in the bottom of a locker for a week before being pulled out and rehabilitated.

Even if they did. The question is, how can beverage companies maintain the same kind of freshness you’d get grabbing a bottle fresh off the manufacturing line when they have to ship their products all over the world?

When flavored drinks, whether they’re alcoholic, dairy, carbonated, non-carbonated or water based, are first mixed the flavoring or additives can be found hanging out in the right proportions for the perfect sip, from the first sip to the last one. After awhile, time takes its toll-and sometimes even shaking isn’t quite enough. Since sitting the concentrate down and having a good long talk about why it really should keep hanging around down at the bottom of the bottle really isn’t an option, however, Gizmo came up with a better idea-what if you could just add the flavoring on demand?

This is the basic concept behind the Gizmo Closure, Gizmo’s version of a bottle top designed to keep drinks fresh instead of getting stale on the shelves. Instead of having a regular screw top, Gizmo has a concealed chamber built into the top of their bottles. Beverage companies purchase the Gizmo bottle tops from manufacturers across Europe, which come in standard bottle sizes and are occasionally custom fit to a particular manufacturer’s design if there’s enough of a demand for it. The manufacturer fills the bottle up with a base liquid, whether that base is water, tea, coffee or alcohol, then inserts up to 5mL of flavoring concentrate into the bottle top.

Once the chamber is full the manufacturer places the content under pressure, the pressurized chamber is sealed and the bottle top is placed on the bottle. These bottles, which have the Gizmo label on them, are distributed to stores where consumers can pick them up directly off the shelves. These bottles keep contents good for up to 18 months, allowing consumers to choose whether to drink them immediately or store them away. When they’re ready for their drink they simply twist the top. The internal chamber depressurizes and the concentrate shoots out to mix with the base liquid to form an evenly dispersed suspension-i.e. a mixed drink that’s well mixed and flavoring chunk free. The chambers are disposable, and can be discarded using regular disposal methods after the drink is gone.

“This is a really fun closure. When you twist it the vitamins or whatever you put into the cap are released into the drink,” says Beverage Innovation magazine’s Claire Phoenix. “That means they’re completely effective because they’re inserted as you’re about to drink it. It’s maximum efficacy.”

Suppliers of Gizmo’s latest packaging triumph can be found across North and South America, Europe and Asia through the global distribution services of Gizmo Packaging Limited of Scotland, RPC Bramlage-Wiko of Germany and Oystar Aerofill-Dawson of England.

The Gizmo Closure is a new addition to the Gizmo family of packaging products, which have won numerous awards around the world for innovation. Gizmo Packaging Limited, the Scotland based company responsible for developing the Gizmo line of products, has been doing business for the last three decades under the leadership of inventor Bernard Frutin. The company’s list of accolades includes Packaging Innovator of the Year (given to Frutin himself), the Prince of Wales Award for Innovation, the John Logie Baird Innovators Award and the Environmental Innovation Award from the British Institute of Packing.

Use of the Gizmo closure has also been extended beyond the beverage industry. Speculated uses of the product include:* Blended cosmetics and toiletries, including hair coloring, self tanning, spa and anti-age products and shower and bath products.* High quality cleansers and polishes, including a perfectly formulated 1/10 bleach solution for maximum disinfecting power. * Agricultural products, such as weed killers and insecticides.* Pharmaceutical applications which are still currently under investigation.

“Gizmo is a unique packaging technology, enabling the marketing of otherwise unstable formulations to be instantly mixed at the point of presentation,” says founder Bernard Frutin. “We are continuously looking to work with companies to expand the range and diversity of Gizmo applications.”


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