How Does Netbook Security Enhance the Performance of Your Netbook

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What is a netbook?A netbook is the smaller version of notebook with limited computing abilities and restricted hard drive space. Most netbooks are designed for computer users who are constantly on the move and cannot afford to carry bulky laptops or notebooks.

However, while trying to achieve a compact computing device, netbook designers have had to compromise on some crucial computer features such as the size of the keyboard, the screen size and the processor.

Most netbooks weigh between 2 to 3 pounds and have 10.1-inch LCD displays. The keyboard is smaller, making it hard to perform extensive typing work. However, some of them do have touch screen displays with high resolutions to make video watching a HD experience.

The biggest disadvantage that netbook users face in comparison with full size laptops is the processor. In order to make netbooks considerably smaller, the processor is highly compromised and cannot perform multiple tasks at the same time or run high-end program such as Photoshop and AutoCAD.Does a netbook require an antivirus?Given this limitation of a netbook, it should be obvious that an anti virus for it is unnecessary. Netbooks are mainly designed to allow the user to access the Internet. Therefore, a firewall with the Internet browser is good enough for netbook security

Features of the Norton Internet Security Netbook Edition

Norton has come up with a new netbook anti-virus called the Norton Internet Security Netbook Edition which is light on the processor, protects the system from external attacks while connected to the internet, scans files downloaded as attachments from email and also protects the user with online transactions involving divulging information regarding debit/card cards or bank accounts. Its automatic update feature allows the program to search for updates from the Internet once it is installed in the netbook and apply it instantly to the security system.

Its proactive performance alerts sends notification to the user in case any of the ongoing programs are compromising the speed of the netbook processor. Not only does it scan files from emails or any other website, it also keeps alerts and notifications on hold while a full screen program such as a video is running on the netbook.

The Smart Scheduler makes sure that the antivirus program updates itself only when the netbook is not engaged.


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