Creative win! Six sexy styling LCD blew the eye – LCD, LCD, CRT-IT industry – womens digital watches

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Introduction With the improvement of living standards people have not only the requirements of daily use products to stay on top of a simple function the unique design of the product not only represents your unique taste but also better able to decorate the use of the environment the IT product areas that the tendency has become increasingly prominent Although the main competition for liquid crystal displays or current price and performance in the Competition but visionary companies have already started on the layout of individual products The positioning high performance liquid crystal displays are often impressive in addition to the design also is unique some even beyond the understanding of our ordinary display more like a fully reflect the beauty of the art of industrial design Today we give you about is one such product AOC AOC quot Mirror quot 199P Reference Price 2499 yuan Terms compared with other displays AOC TPV quot Mirror quot 199P has its own unique selling point First of all 199P changed the traditional display design the bottom bracket will be divided into two parts before and after while in the safety of individuation is also doing a great job Meanwhile the innovative design of cardan shaft bracket Mirror199P can be easily used as a wall screen images can achieve the vertical horizontal 180 degree rotation Second it uses innovative design of irregular AR glass mirror subverts the traditional model of moderate Founder not only effectively protect the screen from scratches or crash but also bring a unique visual beauty In addition the hidden power switch of the simple clean design style very consistent with the fashion crowd 39 s simple beauty AOC Power synchronized display business logo highlight glamorous and attractive Adjust the display applications but also particularly with more human SmartOSD mouse control through DDC CI protocol employing the software interface to facilitate user to open the door Finally and most special design it 39 s the most left and the following support for the bright silver frame while others are distinguished border color is black With multi functional stent design with the formation of non symmetrical fashion its appearance called liquid crystal display market in the alternative quot Wizard quot AOC199P AR glass is used in one of its highlights very stylish novel which more than 98 of AR glass high transmittance and 2 low reflectivity using CNS standard semi steel surface hardness that is physical scratch resistance for the 7H 9H scrub resistance ie chemical chemical resistance to wipe repeatedly in more than 500 films had no effect Also has excellent coating uniformity descent AOC AOC quot Mirror quot 199P other performance favorably Standard resolution of 1280 1024 contrast ratio of 700 1 brightness of a 300cd m2 viewing angle of 160 degrees 160 degrees Have VGA DVI dual interface signal input to meet the needs of different users In the display settings back to the top has a wealth of cooling holes so you can monitor the work at lower temperatures objectively improve the progress of work will extend the display life


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