LED incoming? LCD LCD TV is National hero – LCD TV, LED TV – Network Appliance Industry

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year the concept of a great fuss about led lcd, sony, sharp, samsung and other major brand to target the national market, have been offering all kinds of new led , media and home appliances store to liven up the market, but also advocates the flat-panel tvs usher in “led lcd era.” with 11 approaching, the reporter visited the market found that many appliance manufacturers and stores can be said to form a “union”, new technologies, new products, promotions and a series of publicity and attract eyeballs advertisement overwhelming, the situation you have to empty the wallets of consumers. led incoming? lcd still held the lead position 11 golden week has always been a big selling the golden age of television this year, ultra-thin, energy become a new trend in the television market, but to get rid of many household appliances brand price war, creating new profit point, one after another by the state to implement energy-saving environmental protection dongfeng, a major war led brand. many analysts predicted that this year’s “golden week” market, not ” led tv “must go;” led tv will become the mainstream flat-panel tv “and other major media full of prime-time view and layout. but the reporter to take a stroll foshan major appliance stores, find nowadays is still the main character lcd as , closely watched figure hard to find led , sony, samsung, sharp and other foreign brands, often only 55-inch figure occupies the center of the great, and generally only around 30-40 inch s lcd contrast. according marketplace sell personnel, the current flat-panel sales is still primarily based, although the number of new brands has been released, but many stores led models and the general lack of volume, selective narrow. industry analysis, although the led backlight technology is mature, but most of the current domestic television factory production line is still far not reached the stage of mass marketing, if domestic firms fail to upgrade capacity, led ‘s popularity remains period of time. fry concept led type single high prices led tv with ultra-thin, energy saving, high quality images such as multiple advantages compared with lcd liquid crystal tv, the effect on performance parameters and show the industry that will replace the lcd universal liquid crystal tv, the representatives of the next generation of liquid crystal television. however, the terminal stores, as the 55-inch image display screen led , a good display in the display, while upper right corner of the screen easily identifies the many tens of thousands around the price of 35 thousand dollars and sharp comparison. led why such a high price marked? industry analysis, led lcd with a range of new technologies and patents, in the display that has more vivid picture quality, more energy saving and durable characteristics. however, due to the high cost of led light sources, new products available in the market generally higher than the lcd for more than 3 times the price. always smart consumer whether the consumer can accept the million of led ? “most consumers still relatively cheap and popular, model and shape a richer lcd .” a lot of store sales personnel to reporters reflect current lcd tv models listed on a single led, selective small, prices high above, so that a lot of holding cash at hand to come to the consumer no choice to give up, volume was very low.

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