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Data show that car ownership in China has exceeded 35 million, of which break through 18 million private cars, the last 4 years accounted for 60% of new vehicles. In general, car service in vehicles between 4-9 years of Market Is the largest, in accordance with internationally accepted argument, car after-market profits generated by the pre-market and relative comparison, the ratio is about 7:3 in the entire automotive industry chain, the profit after the markets before the markets at least more than one times. Profits from the sale of view, the foreign car market in the mature, 50% to 60% of profits are generated in the service area. Judging from this, starting in 2007, after China’s auto market will show a geometric blow to the market in 2010 will reach 300 billion yuan or more. Car auto sales after the market is formed, the process surrounding the use of vehicles of various services, it covers the needs of the consumers after buying the car with all the services. In other words, cars sold to the scrap from the process of around using the links in the automotive aftermarket and service needs of various follow-up resulting from the general term for a series of transactions. 30 In the early 20th century, car beauty, conservation in the UK and other developed countries to start, a prototype automobile market began to take shape. World War II, economic recovery so rapid auto industry Developing . It also makes automotive beauty, conservation growing, automotive after-market gradually matured. >> Related Reading Automotive Aftermarket 4S shop by sale profits into a new battlefield breakthrough Service providers depend on profits huge car winter heating sale Car beauty, the rise of conservation in China 90 years in the 20th century. Development so far, China’s automobile market has taken shape, but Britain and other developed countries, China’s automobile market is still lagging behind the general level, stay in the car market after the initial stage. Since 2002, along with the development of China’s automobile industry, adjust and improve relevant policies, as well as the rapid increase of automobiles, the rapid development of automobile market, the market is very promising. However, with the expansion of the domestic automobile market, the foreign car market after the industry giants also have access to China, China’s automobile market will be even more intense competition. (A) of the car after-market classification: classification of automobile market is the first automobile sales before and after the classification of the order. One car care industry; second car Service And accessories industry; Third Aftermarket, supplies, beauty, fast repair and modification industries; Fourth, second-hand cars and motor vehicles Lease Industry. The 21st century, China’s automotive industry’s rapid development is unparalleled in any developed country in just 10 years, Western countries have gone through the course of a century the automobile market. China’s automobile market is largely divided into seven sectors: car care industry; automotive finance industry; auto IT industry; automotive supplies, beauty, fast repair and modification industry, also known as Automotive Maintenance Industry; auto repair and parts industry; car culture and the Motor Sports Industry; used cars and car rental industry may be with the development of automobile industry will follow the birth of the rescue. (B) to enter the Chinese auto market after the blowout of: entering the 21st century, with China’s accession to WTO and the continuous improvement of living standards, auto demand and retain volume of a trend of rapid growth. According to expert calculations 2004-2010 car ownership in China will be 16% -20% growth rate, by 2010 China’s vehicle population will be 60 million or more. Can be projected annual demand for cars in 2010 will reach 13 million or more. Therefore, China is expected to be 10 years of the 21st century to become the world’s most growth in the automotive consumer market. Cars in China, growing into a Public Consumer goods, would be promoting the development of China’s automobile market. (C) The Chinese automobile market chain analysis of the conservation industry: car chain services in China is still in early development. Basic in many brands try to stage, there is no line of self-discipline, lack of centralized management, the market was spontaneous, loose, blind development of the state of the standardization level of network construction, stability is not high, chain headquarters, management, control, support, service capabilities is not strong, very successful and have a real sense of national chain stores do not grow up leading brand. Today is not a business in the automotive after-market industry can obtain an absolute advantage. Therefore, in the near future will be a variety of small capital in the pack melee domination.


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