A Short Guide to Laptops & Laptop Bags

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Laptop computers have come a long way in a short time. Even though they are a relatively recent invention, they can now be seen everywhere you go, and frequently outsell desktop computers. Their small size, portability and convenience being the main reasons for their success.

If you are a laptop owner, or you are considering buying one, then you might find the below facts and advice interesting reading…

– Alan Kay, a Xerox engineer, is credited with coming up with the idea of a laptop computer in the late 60s. Ahead of his time, it was not until 1973 that the first prototype was build by IBM. In the mid 70s, IBM opened up laptops to consumers with their 1500 series. While these computers were not particularly small and lacked basic features, they showed that there was a market for the product.

– Laptops these days have features that the original makers could only have dreamed of. With such a wide range of good laptops to choose from, anyone purchasing one has to carefully consider the intended use. Everything from the size of the screen to the number of USB ports should be taken into account.

– For those using them for more basic tasks like checking emails and surfing the web, there is probably no reason they cannot go for cheaper, simpler models since virtually all laptops perform these tasks. For those who intend to use their computers for more intensive uses such a multitasking and gaming, a mid to high range laptop will be needed.

– With their components being so small and tightly packed together, they cannot be easily upgraded and changed as desktop computers either. While companies like HP and Dell offer many customization options on purchase, remember that any changes will likely be difficult and expensive after you have received the laptop.

– By getting a wireless / mobile broadband card, or plugging in your gprs enabled phone, you can access the Internet on your laptop from wherever you happen to be. There is no need to play around with cables and routers, you just open up your web browser and off you go.

– While the first thing many people look at is the bags appearance, it has important functions that need to be considered. Most important is the protection the laptop bag offers from sudden drops, moisture and other possible hazards. Other important features are ease of access and the number of compartments. People carry a lot of things nowadays. The bag needs to have enough easy-to-access compartments to carry all the gear needed.

– Those who need to keep their hands free usually opt for backpack laptop bags that keep the laptop secure in the bag while offering various compartments and other features depending on the bag. Those looking to save on money and space tend to go for laptop sleeves. These are just simple covers that may not have any pockets at all, but which protect the laptop from sudden jolts or the elements.


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