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I have a close friend called Mike’s, their just-purchased new houses, all kinds of Home Appliances And so has been basically completed the acquisition, but TV The purchase on the still hesitant. As a sports enthusiast, saw a variety of exciting sports games are followed, Xiao Li, sit still, let me help recommend the most suitable tool for watching the game. Face exciting how are you going to watch sporting events? As a Projector Editor, the author a better understanding of the characteristics of the projector, it recommended its use projector. But as a consumer, usually contact with most of the projector chance meetings, presentations, projector enjoy sports there is an obvious advantage? Use the projector watch the game with our habits Flat Panel TV What is different? After all, the core of TV in the living room has several decades. Order to allow the consumers to the projector and TV, as well as different but the main features of a more in-depth understanding of today with ZOL on the author, editor Li Hong tao Digital Home Channel to discuss the difference between the two, hope our viewpoints, so that everyone can flat-panel TV on the projector and more clearly understand their respective characteristics, while according to their actual needs, enjoy the match to choose the most appropriate equipment, Flat-panel TV VS Projectors: cost-PK The largest number of popular domestic consumers in purchasing products, focus is probably the most cost-effective, and also that we often value for money, after all, at all income levels are limited, buy properties in the same price most of the products is easily the best purchase program. Therefore, we preferred to explore on the flat TV and projector cost performance characteristics.

Edit Li Hong tao (flat-panel TV is more suitable for watching) Watching the game, the more likely to choose TV, because TV by the light effect is small, and for a variety of environments. Because more complete size, small room can also be used, also more abundant in color. The price, now made in China 47 & 720p LCD home Ya? Arrived? 000, while the full HD, but also million cost has been very high indeed. Edit Zhang Kaijun (the projector is more suitable for watching) Use the projector for watching audience, the general and not too high on the resolution requirements, frequent use of 1080p watch about two hours the crowd soccer basketball or relative or limited. For sports fans, a general entry-level audio-visual home entertainment projection can meet the demand. The most expensive entry-level projector prices around 4,000 yuan, 720p high-definition home projector prices have dropped to 7,000 yuan, the price advantage is quite obvious.Cost PK Conclusion: The cost side, can be a matter of opinion, on the one hand, the minimum flat-panel TV prices have been as low as 4,000 yuan (32-inch 720p), even 47-inch (720p) also appeared in 7,000 low-cost, in front of tens of thousands of years element of time compared to today’s flat panel TV can be too much cheaper, ordinary consumers are not a problem. Then the projector then, having gone through the last two years of massive price cuts, entry-level products, low prices to 4,000 yuan, 720p products are about 7,000 yuan, if the considerations of cost alone, projectors and flat panel TVs that comparable.

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