GPS Tracking Cell Phones Through Spyware

Posted by erlan | Posted in GPS | Posted on 12-04-2011


Today’s technology has made tracking a person on a cellular phone to be quite simple – in some cases, as easy as the point and click of a computer mouse. Though many people use these technologies for very positive reasons – such as making sure that their kids are where they should be – the introduction of spyware into cellular phones has made things a bit less wholesome.

Current technology, readily available, offers services that can allow users to track cellular phone handsets to within a few dozen feet of its actual location. The technology depends on GPS chip technology within certain cellular phones. It was initially designed in order to allow emergency workers to find 911 callers who have called from their cellular phones.

Spyware, on the other hand, was initially designed for cellular phones to be used by suspicious individuals who wished to have access to the calls and text messaging done by their potentially cheating spouses to prove honesty…or lack thereof.

The most recent technology, though, is the combination of both of these elements. Now, there is spyware that can be applied to a cellular phone that exploits any GPS chips that happen to be installed so that the behaviors of the phone user can be tracked.

For example, it has been confirmed that even large, well-known corporations have been sending emails to cellular phone users, who, when they open the email, become subject to a spyware in their phone that will track their location and behavior for those companies to use for their own purposes.

This has many people concerned about their own personal information and privacy rights. After all, this kind of technology is permitting anybody with the right software knowhow to be able to trace online behaviors and physical locations of anybody with the appropriate kind of cellular phone.

Personal security can become a real concern for people who could be tracked by individuals or companies with unethical intentions. This can include anything from harassment through phoning and text messages to identity theft. Rapidly, this risk is leading to a substantial market in cellular phone security technology.

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