How To Transfer Mp3 from PC to Android

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This tutorial would explain about tips To Transfer Mp3 from PC to Android phone. Actualy Transfer Mp3 files from laptop, notebook or PC to Android is easy. This guide is only for those of you who are still confused do.

Simply Transfer the Mp3 files from PC to Android 

Smartphone is one of the most used stuff today and so many people really love to use this one. There are so many kinds of Smartphone and each has its own plus and minus. Well, one of the popular Smartphone is the Android phone.

For you who have data on your old phone, it can be a problem because you don’t know how to transfer the data to your computer and put it to your new android. These are ┬ávery complicated thing for them.

Well, if you want to transfer it easily, there are some ways that you can do. You can use Wifi and you also can use the usb cable. For the USB use, you need to connect the USB cable o the computer and you will see the small USB icon.

Simply drag the menu bar and it will be USB connected. Then tap mount button and find the removable disk. Find the Music folder and transfer the mp3 that you want to it by copy it and then paste on the folder.

This is a very easy thing to do and you will be able to enjoy the mp3 that you want on your Android phone easily.


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