Sony Ericsson Media Speaker Stand MS430 Review

Posted by erlan | Posted in Gadgets and Gizmos | Posted on 08-05-2011


The MS430 is a beautiful brushed metal cylander, about the size of two stacked C-Batteries. On one side of the cylander is a white concave speaker. The other side is also a white concave groove, but this side just has a small Sony Ericson logo.

It is a very simple device; there is no charger, on/off switch, or volume buttons. It’s controlled entirely by your phone or MP3 player. The MS430 requires three AAA batteries and can stream up to twelve hours of music. To access the headphone jack you pull and twist the end, but to access the battery compartment you twist and then pull. There is a small little marker on the speaker so you know which way to turn.

This is the side where the magic happens, you pull this end and twist, and out comes a little 3.5mm auxilary plug. This also reveals a port hole, which is for deepening the bass. With the auxilary plug exposed, you can plug it into the headphone jack of your phone or MP3 player. The back of your phone rests on the Sony MS430, which props your phone at a convenient 45 degree angle.

It’s addictingly fun just to play with twisting and turning and turning and twisting. It’s quite durable, and all of the twisting and turning will not degrade the quality of the device.


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