Ultimate Spy Cam

Posted by erlan | Posted in Gadgets and Gizmos | Posted on 14-05-2011


Have you ever dreamed of being a super secret agent? And use all those cool gadgets they have? Wrist watch lasers, x-ray glasses.. Unfortunately, many of them exist only behind the movie screens, and we can never use them. But now you have the possibility to use one of those spy gadgets from the movies!

Spy is not a spy without a spy cam. It is extremely useful when spying on somebody. Now you can buy and use it yourselves! This miniature camcorder is a true technological marvel. Sized like a pack of bubblegum, it can be perfectly hidden in your front pocket and even in your hands. Don’t forget about camouflaging it to look just like some of Wrigley’s products – and your cam is ready to record some secret information.

Camcorder can record videos up to 320*240 in 15 frames per second – and almost endless capacity of MicroSD cards that it can use makes your recordings virtually unlimited. Only virtually, because you are always limited by battery life time. And this marvelous gadget can record up to 2 hours of video on one charge.

So if you are a spy kid, or a super secret agent, you would like to have one of those. Remember to be careful though – it might be illegal in some countries. But if you’re a James Bond, who cares?


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