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Article by Eufemia Balasco

Tablet computers have been around for years but it is only in the past few months that main core attention has been drawn to this previously imprecise niche. It was the Apple iPad which brought consumers calling and whilst this device is still the most common of the tablet computers it is now in competition with other choices from rival manufacturers.

Tablet PCs are typically thin and relatively light, with screens ranging from between five and ten inches in size. Usually you’ll discover that they rely entirely on touch screen displays for user interaction, with no actual keypads and just a smattering of physical buttons. Nevertheless, in the future it is likely that hybrid tablets will appear with slide-out keypads therefore the market could evolve.

The best tablet PCs which are present in the market these days is currently using software program that has been utilized by high end smartphones. One of the examples of tablet PC on the market is Samsung Galaxy Tab, and this is also an example of Android tablet pc because it uses Android as its operating system. Meanwhile the iPad uses Apple’s iOS platform which was previously found on the iPhone and iPod Touch. Because of this, familiarity to use portable tablets become an easy task for us, simply because it carries the majority of the mobile phones features, they just add little spice on each tablets.

Tablet PCs cannot typically be plugged into wired networks and as such they’ve to have wireless connectivity. There are few tablet computers that use Wi-Fi only in connecting to internet. Now, most of the tablet computers features both Wi-Fi and 3G network connectivity for easier connection. They added 3G as one of its connection to have much more chance of connecting to web wherever you are in the world without sacrificing the high speed web access. Within the case of the iPad there is one model which is Wi-Fi only along with a much more expensive choice which has 3G also, allowing consumers to create the option of how they wish to connect to the web.

These days, Apple’s iPad and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab are 2 main tablets that distribute and rule the digital gadget market. If we think about taking a look on other PC manufacturers like Dell that created the Dell Streak, you will also understand that it is worth thinking about in purchasing a tablet, but unlike two major distributors that we mention earlier, this Dell Streak isn’t as popular as them.

If we will have a look on iPad’s physique, we can see that this has a 9.7 inch touchcreen, and its built-in storage is up to 64GB with an A4 processor. This also give consumer a good deal because it offers accessing to several application such as iTunes that provides top quality music download, the App Store that lets us download some software program we require, and iBooks where we may download some eBooks we can read in iPad. Having a glimpse to its rival Galaxy Tab, it provides a 7 inch touchscreen, with 1GHz processor and Android 2.2 is becoming installed on it as its operating system. Galaxy Tab also feature two cameras, the very first one is at the back that’s becoming use for capturing still images, and the other 1 is in front that is responsible for video calls. Although Galaxy Tab has this features, iPad is giving more great deal on customers because it may also make voice calls just like a normal cell phone, and it may also access thousands of apps in Android Marketplace.

With these different functions that tablet computers provides in the market, this only means that lots of choice is in front of us and we need to be careful in purchasing the tablet that we believe that is greatest for us. Every thing from display size to onboard storage space and connectivity type will need to be taken onboard. The type of software program that is installed is also essential as an Android tablet computer may have apps that the iPad doesn’t and vice versa.

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