Free Edition v1.4 of Antivirus Panda Cloud Review

Posted by erlan | Posted in Tips n trick | Posted on 26-06-2011


The concept of cloud seemed more real and intimate with our lives. The reason, more and more applications that can utilize the concept of cloud to operate. One of them is this Panda Antivirus Cloud.

In conventional antivirus, application must be installed on each PC. The process of scanning should be done routinely take advantage of the PC itself. The update process must be done continuously to keep the magic counteract new viruses.

The problem is, the scanning process sometimes takes too much PC power, and not everyone is diligent to update the antivirus. Well, this is not the problem encountered when using cloud-based antivirus Panda Cloud like this.

Ease back, you do not need to update periodically. The update process performed by Panda on their servers, so we stay “out wrong.” Panda Cloud itself has a community that comes from all over the world and help each other overcome the problems of existing viruses. They will gather information and collaborate with each other in reporting the latest virus spread. In a short time, the virus has been identified so that solutions can be obtained more quickly.
To be able to function, you do have to keep installing this application Cloud Panda. But your PC is assigned only scan and report it to the server. The process of “healing” is performed by Panda on its server which is in the “cloud” there. If there are unresolved problems, this antivirus will provide solutions on its website.
When in a state of being offline, this antivirus can still scan files / folders from virus threats. It’s just now found the problem, you must connect it to the internet in order to be sent to the server and solve the problem. This makes the antivirus is still lightweight and fast.

Panda Cloud has a unique approach in protecting your PC. Because the cloud-based, this antivirus was light, fast, and free treatment. But just like other cloud-based applications, the ability Panda Cloud dropped dramatically when not connected to the internet.

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