How do I connect two different Computers Using Remote Access Software

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This software can be used to facilitate the work, so we do not need to exist at the time of need.
If you have Windows XP or Windows 7 that have been built in remote access software that help you connect to the computer of friends, by invitation, to help them with remote access control of their computer systems. This means you can be in the United States and will help your friend in Australia to find a solution to his or her computer problem. Technology to gain remote access to a computer is basically whoever is available at most computer users start menu. I often give my friends computer support from the comfort of your own home.

What you need to use the Help and Support tool to gain remote access

1. A broadband or cable internet connection.
2. Windows Xp on both computers or windows 7
3. An email address or go into Windows 4. Live messenger.

The easiest way to connect

It’s easy to connect two computers via the internet. One computer can control and fix the problem on another computer. Here are the steps to use the software Help and support built in for Windows.

1. Sign in to Windows Live Messenger and your friends do the same.
2. Open the Start menu and select Help and Support (shown below) Only computer users who want to invite this.
3. Help and Support Center will appear.
4. Click on Invite a friend to connect to your computer with Remote Assistance. Located under the Ask for Help menu.
5. Then press Invite someone to help you. window below will appear.
6. Select your friend’s name from the list of Windows Messenger contacts.
7. Click on Invite this person.
8. This will allow your friends to view your desktop. If they want to control you they must press the Take control and others must agree by pressing ok ..

Check out the screenshot for this article on How to connect to another computer. This is what I see when I am in control of the computer my friends … I could go on the internet or read their emails etc..

Reasons to use Windows remote help and support

– Your problem is very small, you do not want to bother the IT support person.

– You can not afford an It technician, and you know a computer whiz ..

– You have rang software support or your internet service provider and they could not help

– You always need the help of a desktop computer and using remote access software is easy!


– If you close the Remote Assistance window would be broken. And you’ll have to start your remote access again if you want to connect.

– Don t worry ‘if a bit slow because it is normal. The speed of your remote access depends on your speed of both internet connection.

– You also can connect using an email address. the invitation was sent via email.

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