How To Fix System32 Error on your windows

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Are you getting the message “Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: WINNT SYSTEM32 CONFIG XXXX”?. There are more than millions of people using the Windows operating system and deal with system32 error on start up every day. First, you must know what is system32 and how it works. System32 is a directory located at C: WINDOWS System32 which contains most of the necessary system files that Windows must access in order to run the system properly. every time you have done in the area of ​​your operating system, such as installing or removing software, can cause errors in the system32 directory. If you use more then your pc, the error occurs more frequently as well.

Most of the system32 error startup problems are the result of a corrupted file system major parts (like Config.nt, autorun.inf, and svchost.exe). Virtually all these mistakes can lead to freezing or crashing your machine, generally, more than likely that it will make a pc to run a more slowly.The worst scenario is that the system32 errors allowed to be managed at a later time and this really will result in Your computer has damaged at all.

Anyone who get an error message on startup system32 which means your system32 directory has been corrupted. You have to fix it as soon as possible, basically, try to follow the instructions:

-Try to reboot your pc and press the F8 key when you restart until you can access the boot menu. then select “Boot Using Last Known Configuration.” This will tell your pc try to startup by using the original configuration file.

-If you are facing the same problem with the System32 folder on startup errors, you can try the following instructions but you should be aware bacause it is very complicated. In the event that you do not want to create problems with your system files, ignore the next paragraph below and turn to the issue of “Quick and Easy Fix.”

-Using the Console to Fix “System32 at startup or Missing” Error, first of all, insert the Windows XP Recovery disk and boot your computer again. In the case of recovery disk is not available, you can skip this paragraph. Select the Recovery Console and type the following command
> Cd system32 config
> Ren system.old system
> Ren system.alt systemalt.old

Warning! if you’re wrong type commands, this can cause critical problems with your PC and you may have to reinstall window system, however, more than 90% of computer users will find some error system32 regular

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