LCD Monitor Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

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Five taboo for LCD productsMaintenance of the LCD and then talk about in front of us to understand under the liquid crystal display (including LCD equipment), several taboos, it can give you my love machine can not afford some understanding of aspects. Total can be divided into five parts:

The first taboo: the invasion of waterLiquid water can be said that the first “enemy.” The destructive power of water for the LCD screen is amazing. Therefore, we should be more LCD in a dry environment, use the internal LCD to prevent moisture entry. More humid environment for some users, you can buy some desiccant to keep the LCD on the surrounding ambient air dry. If the water vapor into the LCD do not panic, just put it into warmer areas (such as table lamps below), will gradually evaporate the water inside the can, and if you do not worry if you can find manufacturers to help repair dry.

The second taboo: the invasion of dustLCD and CRT, as very vulnerable to dust. A long time to become a large painted face, naturally unhappy with it. Where you will not be used in vacuum, can not get the dust, this is the case then clean it! Recommended glasses cloth, lens paper and soft material to wipe the screen on the LCD, so that LCD can be avoided and water into the interior, and will not scratch the LCD screen. After a detailed cleaning tips article will be mentioned.

The third taboo: a hard object hitLCD relatively soft, easily damaged (except the outside is a glass screen.) So usually when used with a hard object must be careful not to touch the screen. Similar to the following screen is the wrong pen to use that method:

Fourth taboo: prolonged usageBecause LCD is not simple, and its pixel LCD is constructed of many, over a long period of continuous use, will make crystal aging or burn. Once damage occurs, that is, permanent, irreparable in nature. Do not for a long time so it is best to use, now many computer users are online, for convenience, often not the same after shutdown also turn off the monitor, it will seriously damage the life of the display.

Fifth taboo: improper handlingLCD display is very fragile, in the intense process of moving or vibration is likely to damage the screen and monitor the quality of the internal liquid crystal molecules, making the display greatly reduced. Also to avoid strong shock and vibration, LCD glass, and contains a lot of sensitive electrical components, fell to the floor or other similar strong combat unit will lead to the screen, or other damage. This is the process of the removal must pay attention, try to put a thick liquid, “armor”, further handling.

Maintenance of liquid crystal techniques

Enjoy every day that the distinctive high-end LCD display at the same time, do not forget the maintenance of this vital link. LCD only well maintained, only the long-term trouble-free service for users. Learn five taboo, we began to carry out maintenance on the LCD.

1. Inside of the screen to avoid burn outPreviously mentioned for a long time driving liquid crystal displays will reduce its life. So to avoid such situations from occurring, when not in use can take the following measures: 1) when not in use to turn off the monitor; 2) often change at different time intervals on the screen display; 3) display Comparing the brightness is reduced to the level of the dark;

2. Maintain the humidity of the environmentDo not let any of what nature has moisture into the LCD, if the moisture has entered the LCD, the LCD must be placed on a more warm, dry place, so that when water is evaporated and organic compounds, and then turn on the power. Containing moisture LCD power, LCD electrodes can lead to corrosion, and cause permanent damage.

3. To avoid unnecessary vibrationLCD can be regarded as the most sensitive electrical equipment, LCD glass, and contains a lot of sensitive electrical components, so that the screen is very fragile, we should try to avoid strong shock and vibration, can easily lead to a strong impact on unit LCD screen, and the CFL damage. Be careful not to put pressure on the LCD display surface, pointing at the screen before the bad habits must be corrected.

4. Do not try to disassemble LCDOne rule is never to remove LCD. Closed for a long time even after the components of the CFL backlight inverter is still possible with a high voltage of about 1000V, this pressure can lead to serious personal injury. So do not you ever attempt to remove or change the LCD screen, so as not to experience high pressure. Unauthorized repairs and changes will lead to temporary or even permanent display does not work. Failure to get any recommendations or professional service station for repairs.

5. Usually better to use the recommended display resolutionLCD display on the principle of CRT monitors are totally different. It is a direct one to one display pixel. Work in the best resolution of the LCD monitor to display graphics output analog signals processed and converted with a specific address information (the pixels on the screen of the absolute address) of the display signal, and then into the LCD panel, directly to the display signal added to the corresponding pixel on the drive tube. For such point-output, use the recommended display resolution is very important to the best.

“Soft” skills to start with LCD common setIn addition to the external maintenance of the previous methods, to monitor the internal maintenance of the same relationship with the lift of the survival of life of liquid crystal display, here we look at some software under the terms of regulating the use of techniques:1. Set the resolution to obtain a clear effect

Whether you are a graphic design users, or an obsession with the game user, the display resolution is set properly or not, directly related to their normal use, if the display resolution is a serious set properly, the phenomenon is likely to cause a black screen display.As mentioned previously been set for the monitor resolution, here Again, the best in the resolution settings to use the best resolution of this monitor, while the monitor refresh rate set too high in general not necessary, if set much higher if the content will affect the screen display quality, refresh rate should be the best value between 60HZ-85HZ.Properly so that the visual brightness control easierLCD monitors than CRT monitors natural light, so the brighter the LCD display to be better. This assertion is not correct, we should be based on the actual application scenario, the work environment and personal hobbies and carry out different settings, over-bright setting will only make eyes tired very quickly.In the conventional office environment, or the Internet environment, we usually set the brightness of LCD display was slightly lower, generally set to be between 45-65, and in playing games when you can properly increase its brightness.Also to mention, too bright phosphor brightness LCD makes it prone to premature aging, life will be shortened. Many LCD monitors now have the regulatory function with the software, you can also use this feature to adjust the brightness and even the proper contrast.

LCD Adjustment:Play to show advantages of full use of the interface if your computer is configured to allow, it is best to use the monitor’s DVI digital interface brought to the output image. After all, the signal transmitted through the VGA interface distortion often occurs, and the effective use of another interface LCD monitor – DVI interface, you can maximize the potential advantages of a LCD monitor.Of course, if it is LCD display itself does not provide DVI interface, and the text on the screen and send virtual serious phenomenon, we may look through the Windows XP built-in adjustment to improve the clarity of the screen text is displayed.First, right-click a blank area of the desktop system, from the shortcut menu, then the implementation of the pop-up “Properties” command, open the Display Properties to set the system interface; click the Settings screen in the “Appearance” tabAnd the corresponding label in the settings page, click the “effect” button to open as a result shown in Settings dialog box, select “Use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts” option to re-Click the Settings item at the same time the drop-down button from the pop-up drop-down list, select the “clear” project, and finally click “OK” button, I believe that way the phenomenon of virtual screen text will be made to improve.

LCD cleaning tips

LCD monitors use a period of time, you will find the display often adsorbed layer of dust (turn off the LCD back to see more clearly), and sometimes do not accidentally glue a variety of water damage, it is certainly greatly affect the visual effects, the following to look at it under the liquid crystal display cleaning methods.1. To close the LCD power supply, and remove the power cord and plug cable cards.

2. The LCD to move to better places of natural light in order to see where the dust, more targeted help to achieve better cleaning results.

3. Clean the LCD screen does not require any specific solution or cloth, to the author’s experience, water soft, lint-free cloth or cotton lint is the best LCD screen cleaning tool (can not afford to scrap paper towels too). When used in a clean lint-free cloth moistened with water and cotton wring a little, and then soft, slightly damp lint-free cloth on the screen to gently wipe the dust (do not force the extrusion screen), wipe from the display when the proposed rub one side to the other until all wipe clean so far, never waved.Tip: Do not use a hard cloth, wipe the hard paper. Never use the same time with cleaning fluid or alcohol or acetone cleaning agent that contains chemical constituents, not to spray the liquid directly to the screen surface, so as to avoid liquid penetration into the protective film.4. With a soft damp cloth over the wet finish LCD screen, the available dry piece of cloth over tighten once again clean. Finally, in the ventilation gas to the Sheung Shui LCD screen to air dry.

LCD cleaning products

1. See colorProfessional LCD cleaning products should be colorless, it is because non-professional LCD color added detergent liquid detergent will lead to the excessive levels of ions, the formation of long-term use will damage the LCD.LCD cleaning agents truly professional content of the ions is strictly controlled, using the mother liquor is highly purified water. Resistance of pure water used to 18M ohms, so that water into an absolute insulator.(Usually the water is conductive, because the water contains various impurities and ions, and highly purified water after to 18M ohms, the impurities are completely filtered, the water will become an absolute insulator, so the liquid crystal material on this yin and yang The sensitivity of the required ion.) LCD and general so-called professional cleaner production companies do not understand the LCD asOnly from the perspective of manufacturing chemical products, and some even lack of knowledge of the characteristics of the LCD, but that add color will be more beautiful. In fact, from a professional point of view, the right product is colorless.

2. Smell tasteProfessional LCD cleaning products should not be any taste. This is because the taste of the general chemical materials are generally CL or F or benzene, and light-based substances, and liquid crystal materials, these things would be of great harm. Just do not understand the business before the liquid detergent products in the LCD to use these substances. LCD cleaning product really should be used completely without damage to the liquid crystal material, and to understand that there is damage to liquid crystal material will not quite familiar with the LCD industry and experience, is almost completely impossible.

3. Look volatileReal professional cleaning products are not liquid crystal has a strong volatile. This is because the water-soluble liquid (dissolved in water) if you do not add alcohol, volatile substances such as strong, and its physical properties are not easily volatile.And some so-called liquid crystal detergent product but to emphasize the volatile, because these companies do not understand the reasons which led to the LCD, but also because do not know the LCD, so the use of the method are also serious errors (the use of these products methods can generally say that the screen directly in fact, it is extremely wrong, because the real professional products are highly volatile because they do not, so the jet can not be used directly on the screen, and these claims can screen injection use products, the addition of serious hazards of volatile liquid substances, so there is relatively good but volatile.)


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