Multi Yahoo Messenger

Posted by erlan | Posted in Tips n trick | Posted on 10-06-2011


This time we will discuss about the multi YM (Yahoo Messenger) that we often use to chat. Messenger Multi Purpose Is?
Multi Yahoo Messenger handy so we can open applications by double YM on our computers, we can use 2 id / nickname us in one computer that we use.
We can make Multi YM manually by fiddling with the registry editor we are as following:

1. make sure not to open yahoo messenger ok
2. open the Registry Editor, how to RUN type regedit
3. go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER / Software / yahoo / pager / Test
4. Right-click select New ┬╗DWORD Value
5. Replace his name with Plural
6. Double click on the Plural then change the data value 0 to 1

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