New NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480m, Graphics Cards World's Fastest Notebook

Posted by erlan | Posted in Laptop And Netbook | Posted on 24-06-2011


As we all know that NVIDIA is one of the renowned graphics card manufacturer which recently released its latest product GeForce GTX 480m.
Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480m from the given name of the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) is the product for the world’s fastest notebook for now. Indeed GTX 480m specifically designed for Notebook and capable of supporting Direct X 11 API.

GeForce GTX 480m also said as the monster annexationist competitors because it has a capacity of more than 5 times higher than that currently available. Equipped with Fermi architecture which is the successor Cuda architecture, enabling these technologies led to the notebook. GeForce GTX 480m has a core 352 Cuda, Vision 3D NVIDIA, PhysX technology, and NVIDIA drivers notebook Verde.

In addition to “New NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480m, Notebook Graphics Card Fastest in the World “, The manufacturer is also working with Clevo to produce the system’s first notebook drive GeForce GTX 480m therein. NVIDIA also has to fix the problem quickly the heat of their graphics card in the previous series GeForce GTX 480m.

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