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Consumers buy LCD to green health. Today Cottage The rise of liquid crystal, or even free to OEM of confusion, so that consumers will fall into the trap a little careless. This not only requires that consumers “stay in mind,” the relevant departments to strengthen supervision need Buy green, buy a healthy trend as now, the same, liquid crystal displays because the radiation is small, the eye is better, in an era of health advocates much consumers. It is also for LCD Sell Warming, some cottage liquid crystal blend into one, low price to attract people through consumption. According to CCTV and other major media, the cottage now occupies one third of the LCD market, the health risks to consumers. For example, in the streets of Harbin Songhua River, the Educational Electronic World, basement, take the initiative to market stall holders from time to time, “17-inch LCD display, 400 yuan, or not?” “What brand plus 50 yuan discount goes” behavior also occur. These are the cheap sale of the cottage a miniature liquid crystal. Cheap goods like it? You may rest assured with it? Perhaps the lure of cheap let you fall into the trap. Can be said that although the liquid crystal cottage “cheap”, but worry more, no protection, it is best advised consumers not to buy, please also seriously consider buying even more to the secondary LCD put on alert, “vest” New variable. Cottage flooding, cheap is the lure “Cottage” is the word from the birth of the day, full of controversy: on the one hand, cottage products imply cheap, convenient and personalized; the other hand, they get out of copies from cottage products, vicious competition poor quality of the confusion. This case also appears in the LCD industries. Walk on-line shopping mall for consumers, I believe this will often see a number of monitors, they are very inexpensive price, or even the mainstream LCD market is only half the price of the same size LCD or even lower. The military is cheap no-name knockoff what we usually had. Today, the cottage LCD dazzling, flooding the market, most of the new display is not only Condition, brand is unheard of. From a market perspective, it was reported, the cottage displays have occupied about one third of the retail display market share in LCD monitors nowadays facing formal occasion prices, higher market share of LCD cottage. In Guangdong Province, last month, retail sales of liquid crystal displays about 30 million units, sales of which accounted for cottage LCD 9-100000 units. This, the formation of opposing views are held by consumers. Side, “cottage main” purpose is very clear and direct with the well-known popular brand of the market price-cutting, and the difference in a thousand, a number of Internet cafes, small and medium enterprises and individual consumers to buy cheaper and therefore are keen on the beautiful cottage LCD. From this, the low price it is these cottage LCD killer. But on the other side, more consumers believe the quality of the cottage can not be a good guarantee. Can be expected that the future for a long period of time, the cottage and the contest will continue the regular brands, who can gain the upper hand, the decision in the hands of consumers. Cottage LCD quality is not guaranteed Insiders pointed out that “if consumers only to buy ultra-cheap low-cost cottage LCD, may be wasted.” Why so cheap LCD cottage but do not recommend you buy it? LCD cottage hidden because many there are many pitfalls, mainly: First, the production of rough, harmful to health. Not difficult to find, mostly LCD cottage is only one fixture only, with two thin edge of iron lock LCD panel , The lock is attached to direct isolation board cast; surface to LCD panel without any protection, anti-electromagnetic radiation, interference power is much worse, natural not to mention the LCD with the “healthy low-E.” In addition, many people think that LCD monitor is a simple combination with the shell, the other Fitting Does not matter, the cottage is a large screen in order to pursue low-cost.


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