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In 2005 large screen TV market is full of joy and trouble growing On the one hand compared with traditional CRT TV 39 s rapid decline represent the future direction of the large screen TV is going way high school of optimistic market outlook other hand the battle is already heating up not only assembled an army of millions of international and domestic companies to be harvested and around br br Rear Projection Liquid crystal Who is the big screen plasma market the preferred gain is the bee br br ISuppli data showed a large screen TV market in the world from 740 million in 2004 grew to 16 2 million units in 2007 In China the market will also benefit from 150 million in 2004 grew to 180 million units in 2005 For a time large screen TV market turbulent br br Market demand driven 2004 the surge home br Electricity As the replacement of the boom swept across the Chinese TV market br Plasma TV LCD TV Three large screen rear projection TV display technology products in the market share of straight up which features small footprint display area compatible with digital signal so many advantages br br The State Council Development Research Center of Institute of Market Economy quot issued by the third quarter of 2005 China 39 s demand for flat panel TVs urban consumers report quot shows that with the city standard of living life comfort driven consumer demand as consumers buy large screen TV products one of the reasons the television placed in the bedroom or the room to place the proportion of consumption significantly increased the proportion of the bedroom LCD TV put up by 28 7 br br Not difficult to see large screen television driven by market demand and display technology continues to mature is in the fast growing import period br br Competition Vying Analyst iSuppli believes that China is a big screen TV 39 s second largest market after the United States According to the National Development and Reform Commission forecast br br Digital TV GDP in China in the next five years to reach 100 billion yuan Large screen TV and digital TV in this huge market naturally attracted companies from various quarters launched the most advanced manufacturing technology to win the market As a result many television br br Brand Manufacturers have to shift to large screen TV market great quot Central Plains quot trend br First appeared in a traditional rear projection back in 1997 br Changhong Desperate betting on the traditional rear projection Since then the country 39 s major home appliances have to follow up vigorously to promote the tradition of back pain the bustling scene in the traditional rear projection faction However with the appearance of thin superior picture quality of LCD rear projection LCD TV and Plasma TV the traditional rear projection big heavy on the increasingly highlighted the shortcomings of the final nightfall Western Hills The domestic manufacturers spared no effort in addition to other such as br br Sony Panasonic Samsung and other international companies also help LCD rear projection LCD TV and Plasma TV Sharu high end TV market throw their forte Of course the manufacturers adopt different strategies both as the full development of Sharp LCD TV as a pronged strategy also the same as with LCD based Sony the main push LCD TVs and LCD rear projection strategy also have like Panasonic Samsung LCD TV and plasma as two handed Qizhua strategy The rear projection television with the technological developments have emerged br br LCD LCD rear projection and DLP Light display rear projection new rear projection TV br Although the major vendors out to punch and much vying trend But hand to hand behind the collapsed need to see a new round of contest br br Duel Strategy Winning 2005 years is critical to the development of large screen TVs a year one for the early big screen TV craze has faded and gradually moving to rational knowledge and consumption br br In fact compared to traditional CRT TV big screen TV is the overall strength of the real Competition and technological innovation Whether abroad Sony Panasonic or domestic Changhong br br Hisense And so on especially international brands their big screen television technology to master superior br Large screen television has entered the stage of strategic victory That is why as a leader in television Sony 39 s every move is by many of the media and industry br br Expert Of special concern August 24 2005 Sony China Co Ltd in Beijing quot Partners 39 Crystal 39 Deep 2005 New Sony audio visual conference quot 2 multi functional high quality high quality fashion designs accompanied by multi HT LCD TV 2 large screen high definition home entertainment devices Crystal Aurora series TV and 6 in one set of cutting edge technology a number of Sony LCD TV which is based on the latest seventh generation LCD br br Panel LCD TV Needless to say Sony 39 s main force of the future TV will be used in LCD TV products quot br br Sony LCD 39 s strategic focus will obviously be br Balance LCD TVs tend to side Market br Sell The data also show good news for the LCD TV State Council Development Research Center of Market Economy Research Institute and the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce released the quot 2005 China 39 s demand for urban consumers of flat panel TVs in the second quarter report quot shows flat panel TV demand in China first half of 2005 flat panel TV sales reaching 741 000 units of which 522 000 units LCD plasma 219 000 units After the second quarter of rapid growth in market demand the third quarter consumer demand for flat panel TVs city will reach 503 thousand sets the scale of the LCD TV to reach 356 000 units br br Go back to the market 39 s basic point Products The products plasma TV big screen br br Make Relatively low cost for production of 40 to 60 inches of thin TVs but the display is rather poor the color performance of power and produce 39 blur 39 and 39 burn screen 39 problem LCD TV prices will increase as the area greatly improved to achieve the best cost effective panel size of 20 to 40 inches LCD TV 39 s image expression color saturation and excellent reducing the same time as technology the display of the past has been criticized delays dead pixel issue has been a better solution In addition as LCD and plasma measurements of the line 42 inch big screen TV is in fact going to be gradually removed starting up LCD TV pressure Practical size rear projection TV from 40 to 80 inches the overall cost is relatively low with br br Projection Technology The continuous development of rear projection TV products now have been completely solved the inherent weaknesses of the past thin body to support high definition HDTV signals the picture perfect performance of brilliant br br Rivalry between the big screen rear projection LCD plasma is losing bids for the balance

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