Preventing The Virus on Flash

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Just plug in a minute, we knew already infected. How does a flash can be immune from virus transmission?

Let us first consider why the spread of the virus could be so fast. Source of the problem is in the autorun facility of Windows operating system.

Actually, autorun which existed since the era of  Windows XP has good intentions, that is easier for users. Every time we insert an external media (either CD / DVD or flash), the file autorun.inf in the removable media is directly run for the content in it can be directly played. For example when you insert a music CD, Windows directly run Windows Media Player or Winamp.

But these good intentions were exploited by virus makers to transmit the virus. By modifying the autorun.inf file, the virus can directly go and spread the malicious program every time the flash is plugged into the computer. Can also be the opposite: the computer immediately transmit the virus autorun.inf file to every flash that never stuck.

So, what’s the solution?

Given how the transmission of the virus, the concept is simple. On the computer, keep files autorun do not run. While on the side of the flash, make sure that autorun can never be modified.

To do two things, how easy it is to use applications such as BitDefender or Panda Immunizer USB Vaccine. Both applications will protect the computer and the flash of transmission of the virus. The trick as referred to above: disable autorun on your computer, while protecting the autorun.inf file from the virus maker modification.

Both applications are free, so please download and use for free. BitDefender Immunizer can be downloaded here, while USB Panda Vaccine in the address here.

How to use it easy. Run the application, and they will detect whether the autorun facility on your computer is active. If so, the application will offer you to disable the facility (and you should do).

After that, you just flash that you want to immunization to protect. Select the flash from the menu, then press the Immunize or Vaccine. A moment later, the autorun.inf file on your flash will be replaced with new and resistant infections.

Do not worry, work files, lectures, and other important files in it nothing changed really.

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