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Along with the United StatesFinancialStorm sweeping the globe, top investment banks collapse, and even Eastern Europe, South America, the brink of bankruptcy in many countries, national financial systems and capital markets are facing a great threat. Drag on the U.S. financial crisis,TVMarket is also hit by Looking back, 2008, total global TV demand fell 3.3 percentage points over the previous year, the entire TV market is in a slowdown of the state. Global TV: a quarter of the world 2008 by the industry online ( baked TV Global report: total market demand in 2008 reached 208.9 million units, compared with 2007, down 3.3% year on year, the global TV market in 2009 the total demand volume reached 200 million units will also be over, although tended to increase, but growth slowed down significantly, which is still the dominant Asian market, accounting for 38.2% share of the global total; from the global demand for the products of view, 2008LCD TVOccupy 50.7% of the total share of plasma TV’s share of 6.7%, while the traditionalCRTTV of the total share of 42.6%. Although the television market is facing the impact of international finance, the overall flat panel market is still large growth potential. Demand global distribution and trends of other continents Click here to view all news photos The global market is divided into five regions, which, in 2008, Asia, Europe, North America and Central and South America on a total of four continents do not account for more than 90% share. One, led by Asia, followed by Europe, North America and Central and South America will not back down. Following this analysis of the four key Continent. Asia: Asia TV demand in 2008 reached about 8,000 million units, down 2.2% year on year, due to a higher base of the Asian market, but also at the replacement stage, the next Asian TV market will grow slowly trend. Asia and Central and South America as the main production areas for television, the output is far greater than demand, are export-oriented market. In the Asian markets, with China, Japan, led, and has dominated. China on the one hand as the crisis spread, more of the intense market competition, and many national and regional economic slowdown, rising unemployment, may take a more conservative trade policies and measures, global trade protection increased the threat of Marxism. On the other hand, the economic growth of China as one of a few, some multinational companies have to speed up the layout in the Chinese market, R & D center and the industrial shift towards clear, through patents, standards, intellectual property, dumping of imported products such as extrusion means means of domestic enterprises and might be more frequent. According to customs data, China’s exports will continue to be restrained, the television industry could not escape this fate, the export has been hovering at a low level. JapanElectronicIndustry is facing the biggest since 2002 crisis, Hitachi, Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba, Fujitsu, NEC andSharp7 companies such as fiscal year 2008 net loss is expected to total to more than 22.3 billion U.S. dollars. Most enterprises are outside Japan, sales type, therefore, significant changes in the foreign exchange market at any time on the enterprise structure will lead to shock. With the Japanese domestic market further depressed consumption, ultra-thin LCD TVDVDAnd digital cameras, digital home appliances led the market environment, also in a very harsh in Embarrassment. Japan’s production and demand in the next two years, or were on the increase, but gradually change the pattern of production and demand. Europe: in 2008 the overall market demand in Europe to reach 53 million units, up about 6% in 2007 down; expected to rebound in 2009 demand will reach 54 million units around, but slower growth trend. Europe is the import-type region, will be about 20 million TV sets have to rely on imports to fill the gap. In 2009, severe market environment, the product from the currentSellThe number of terms, Germany, France slight increase over the previous year, unit price down fast the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, sales were not as good as last year. In the financial crisis, the bond will be difficult to recover the bonds gradually become a key issue, especially in the United Kingdom. In addition, other non-EU countries in Eastern Europe the impact of currency depreciation will be quite serious. North America: the financial crisis broke out points, the overall national economy, consumption rate, the unemployment rate so frequently red light, but this crisis also affected the whole world at an alarming rate. While in 2009 the demand in North America on TV will likely remain weak. Statistics Show: 2008 North America remains the biggest selling LCD TV market, the demand for its television reach 42 million units. Notably, July 30, 2009, the U.S. Commerce Department of China for more than 20-inch CRT TV anti-dumping duty measures, as CRT color TV in the U.S. market has basically withdraw from the market, this move on my little CRT TV export, but China also is actively moving from CRT TVs to flat-panel TV upgrade overall.

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