V-KOOL Window Films-Preventing Heat Damage to Automotive Interiors

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Article by Woody Wilson

Car interiors get hot. Even if the outside air is fairly cool, say in the 70s, the inside of the car can be many degrees hotter, with temperatures high enough to put pets in danger if the windows aren’t left open.

But setting aside living creatures, what else can be hurt by this high heat? As it turns out, your car is loaded with things that can suffer when the temperature gets too high.

The reason is infrared radiation from the sun. Ordinary automotive window glass doesn’t do much to stop infrared radiation, the heating rays from the sun. You can’t see infrared radiation as it is in the invisible part of the light spectrum. But you can feel it. You do feel it every time you lie out in the sun. What you detect as warmth is infrared radiation. It’s not the ultraviolet radiation that can burn you and that you guard against by using high-SPF sunscreen. Sunscreen doesn’t stop infrared radiation. Neither does glass.

Infrared radiation doesn’t heat the air as much as it heats the objects it strikes. It’s called radiant heat and warms what it touches, unlike a gas furnace, which heats air and sends it through your house using a fan. In your car, it’s more the seats and the dashboard and the steering wheel that have been exposed to infrared radiation heating the air than the air heating them.

Whatever the case, your car gets hot, and the heat can cause damage, as can the radiation itself. Excessive heat can damage audio equipment, distort CDs, not to mention melting some plastic items that don’t resist heat well.

Ultraviolet radiation presents another problem. UV radiation can fade your cloth upholstery, as well as any leather, wood or plastic in your car’s interior.

V-KOOL automotive window tinting films help keep your car’s interior from reaching the excessive temperatures infrared light is capable of generating. It also eliminates most UV radiation, but it won’t block the sunlight you want. It won’t make the interior of your car dark because it’s transparent.

Applied to your vehicle’s windows, V-KOOL window tinting film creates a barrier against UV and infrared radiation. In fact, it blocks as much as 96 percent of infrared radiation and 99 percent of UV radiation. In other words it provides important protection for your heat-sensitive equipment and for the entire interior.

You’ve seen the difference between the upholstery in a new car and the upholstery in an older car. You’ve experienced the fading that comes because of UV radiation. You’ve probably noticed it in your home, as well, when you’ve taken drapes down and seen the difference between areas exposed to sunlight and areas not exposed.

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