All about Android

Posted by erlan | Posted in Gadgets and Gizmos | Posted on 05-07-2011


Android history, surely we’ve often heard that name at the latest tablet about right? Actually what is Android, maybe some of you are curious, especially with its history and outline. Curious? . . .

Android’s actually kind of windows or can be called also the operating system, but the android specially created mobile version. One example application that uses Android 3.0 is the best cheap tablet android honeycomb output Acer. Google bought the software is the first developer of Android Inc. in 2005.

Included in the Android open source, that is where usually can be used free of charge. And, there is a community for sharing, as well as provide input applications. There are approximately 200,000 applications available for Android, my number is not astounding. Google gain profit from the Android Market, but there is also a third party that allows you to download for free. Google’s own Android code then divides into three kinds of licenses of the Apache license, free software and open source license.

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