EA Releases New Need For Speed ​​Trio

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If you like playing games especially racing games, racing games must have a really cool car that is Need For Speed ​​is one of the game is in your head because this game has many versions and new surprises in the new game.

Last Friday as the game maker Electronic Arts has announced a cool three titles and three versions of the new Need For Speed ​​simultaneously, and the plan will be published this year. Each title has targeted a different audience.

According to Eurogamer through EGDE Online reported Keith Munro EA VP of Marketing said that “Our fans have been exchanging ideas with us, about variations varied racing genre, and this (new NFS) said although many people invoke the action-driving game Need For Speed, there is large group of consumers with different judgments on the racing game ”

“Several years ago we decided to respond to this reality” he added, “So we took the most votes from the new direction that gives three real experience: simulation, action and arcade. It’s not about quantity, it’s a matter expertise of different games for different audiences and it is unique for the category of race ”
core condition is Need For Speed: Shirf. Planned NFS: Shift released on PC, Xbox 360, PS3 and PSP this autumn. While the developer Black Box has previously closed its doors, EA announced that Slightly Mad Studios will work on that title. It is said that the title is the focus on race simulations, indirectly Keith Munro stated that this game will prioritize the fact the behavior of the driver.
Need For Speed: Nitro, for the Nintendo Wii game console and DS, the new game variations, has seemed to give hope of the good that they have the title of “This-isn’ta-port”. EA games will work in Montreal and a lot of promising, Munro told Eurogamer that “What you see on the Nitro will not be similar to the title of the previous Need For Speed”

“In fact,” he added “We developed a visual model pembalab arcade with a fresh and unique is more Need for Speed. This game will be rich and deep, and can be compared to experienced arcade racer as well as regular players. “Besides giving a vague description of the release time in the autumn, details of the game is still lacking.
And the last one, Need for Speed ​​World Online MMOG will be free-to-play. The game is scheduled to be released for PC in the last quarter of this year. Interestingly, Eurogamer reports that the title will be part of the development of EA BlackBox studios such as EA’s online in Singapore. Since BlackBox officially closed in March last, is not known how much effect on the game.

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