Feature and Review of BlackBerry OS 7

Posted by erlan | Posted in smartphone | Posted on 29-07-2011


We bring good and bad news for all users and fans of RIM terminals. The company has decided to present their plans for their new Blackberry Bold 9900 and Blackberry 9300 handset. Most surprising of all this release is to discover that these terminals hit the market with BlackBerry 7 in its interior.
But the bad news is that all BlackBerry terminal prior to these phones, it is excluded in order to use the new operating system from RIM.
We do not know if it’s because of hardware limitations of current devices, or simply by a change in internal architecture, but it was a decision made from the company and we like it or not, we will assume this change in strategy. What is clear is that BlackBerry aims to be completely renewed with the new terminal and to that end has adopted a redesigned and expanded operating system.
Any development may involve sacrifice, and always be trying to support previous devices or equipment, does not always help advance the systems. That’s what they had to think from RIM as with their presentation of BlackBerry 7, have released the news that only the devices Bold 9900, 9300 and later can use the new version of the operating system.
The browser also will be renovated, both speed and handling of JavaScript, thanks to its new JIT (just in time). In addition to support to display video content in HTML5. We know through the press release that the new Bold smartphone will have a premium version of Documents to Go, an office suite for mobile terminals that will allow them to handle any document from Word, Excel or PowerPoint, as well as to view PDF documents without no problem.
Among the new features that we find in this new version of the system will have BlackBerry Balance. A new way to manage our data within the mobile, allowing us to separate the personal from the professional. Being able to delete whatever personal information while leaving the professionals, or vice versa. We may also limit application access to data of one kind or another as it suits us, to avoid confusion and to work more quickly with the data.
Universal Search
A Universal Search, we have added the ability to search by voice. These searches may be related to the contents of the terminal, or content stored on the web. The new BlackBerry devices to include the new operating system version is expected to appear on the market in early summer.

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