FIFA 12 Game Review

Posted by erlan | Posted in game review | Posted on 23-07-2011


EA Sports division as publisher Electronic Arts that focuses on creating sports-based video games, recently announced one of the largest addition of FIFA 12 that will come with introducing Engine Impact Player feature, which will drive the physical elements of the game for more close to the real game than ever before.

This new system has been implemented for two years in the studio EA Sports Canada and will focus on the physical side of football that is able to work in real time every time the game to track the number of contact points on the body of a virtual player, so it will give more realistic results when a collision occurs with one another.

Impact Player feature of this new engine allows gamers to see how physical football game, with the defender (defender) who uses the size and weight of body posture to dispel the various attacks the opponent is in addition to the more technical players will be able to avoid a collision to tear apart the opponent’s defense in his attempt struck the ball into the opponent’s goal.

Impact Player Engine will be used in conjunction with a new system later in the game FIFA 12, including one that makes the virtual players to “think” like a real-life and be realistic in the field.

Various techniques of attack and defense has been well implemented. Thus the existence of the game FIFA 12 to come will certainly be an experience that is more dynamic and make the game more thrilling than the FIFA games that never existed before.

Kaz Makita, which is the executive producer for the marketing game FIFA, has also stated that, “Transformation of the game FIFA 12 has undergone a revolutionary evolution. To make the best FIFA game and the most authentic ever, we need new technologies to realize the vision of us. The FIFA game lovers and fans will see and feel thing else thanks to the new Impact Player Engine “.

FIFA 12 will include more than 500 licensed clubs that the players can play like a human being. Availability game FIFA 12 is reportedly also will soon be released to run on platforms PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, PS2, Nintendo 3DS latest and possibly also NGP.

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