now a real transformer robot

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Still remember the thrill Transformers movie? The advanced technology in the film turned out to have inspired researchers in Japan to realize the robot transformers into a real robot. Where the robot can turn into a car and vice versa. The film is quite phenomenal because it has emerged since a few years ago. But that does not mean that it becomes stale to be discussed is not it? Of course this becomes an interesting thing for we know, what the true incarnation of transformers robots in real life?

Takeshi Maeda who became a pioneer in the development of humanoid robot named OmniZero this, now the robot has entered the stage to 9 times so named OmniZero.9. When we see a glimpse of the picture above, we can see on the shoulders of the robot is mounted wheels, as well as robotic knee can be folded in such a way that can be formed into a mini car is red. Although it has not been too perfect to be said as a car, but the robot is able to do a lot of action. From walking with two legs, walking with two wheels up to a man capable of lifting loads. Well, yes very manly.

ROBO-ONE in the competition, the robot is introduced in a category that is quite unique, so many are trying to capture video when the robot in action on stage and gets the audience are amazed at the event. Interested to see action this robot?

Please see the following video:

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