Smart Watches based on Android

Posted by erlan | Posted in Gadgets and Gizmos | Posted on 17-07-2011


Do not think Android is just so the tablet and smartphone operating systems only! This time the people of Blue Sky Italia Srl have created an innovative new reality by presenting a watch or a “smartwatch” that runs on the Android operating system. Well if you think that Android watches are only able to read rss feeds, tweets and check for missed calls then you are wrong. i’mWatch is able to do much more.

In addition to seeing time and check your text, you can make calls, receive calls, use the speakerphone for voice calls, receive mail, check weather, check in Foursquare, check Facebook, Twitter and many more. What you can not do with the default application that is available, you can expand the function watch by downloading new apps from the app store.
Smartwatch i’mWatch is running on the processor IMX233 Freescale ARM9 CPU with 64MB of memory RAM, 4GB of storage, a 1:54 “touchscreen TFT display, 600mAh battery (2 hours of talk time and 48 hours standby). This smart clock can be paired with an iPhone, Blackberry or Android phone and its price of around $ 360 and it is a promotional price until June 30. Not cheap but because it’s really sophisticated and still rare then this price it is still understandable.

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