Tiny pen-shaped mouse Genius brand

Posted by erlan | Posted in Gadgets and Gizmos | Posted on 22-07-2011


A tiny mouse shaped pens are made by the company Genius. With the pen user can operate a computer cursor just like writing that is more like writing than holding the mouse on the table. This pen also can be a substitute for the mouse as a presenter. At presentation, users can directly use it to set the Power Point display on the screen.
Pen Mouse uses a wireless connection through a wave of 2.4 GHz which can be connected up to a distance of 10 meters. To use it simply needs to striking the dongle into the USB connector, then turn the Pen Mouse. Furthermore, this thing is part of me has a power-saving function and auto-detection sensor, so that when not in use, Pen Mouse will immediately change the mode to sleep mode. And to re-use it, simply press any key for activation.

Genius Mouse Pen also has a 1200dpi optical sensor technology to provide comfort when using it because it can be used in any work environment, not necessarily in the flat. Multi-functional design is also added to this unit, you can use it on 400/800 and 1200 DPI resolution to achieve the maximum ergonomic capabilities.

Mouse Pen price of one unit on the market is 44.9 U.S. dollars, or approximately USD 400 thousand. This device only works on computers with operating system Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7

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