Desktop Software Monitoring

Posted by erlan | Posted in news | Posted on 06-08-2011


Desktop software monitoring can let you monitor your employee’s desktop activities in real-time. This software lets you see, record and print your employee’s desktop, email and Internet activities. You can even view the online chat conversations your employee has with other people.

1. Features

Desktop monitoring software can come with a real-monitoring feature that allows you to keep track of all of the desktops in your network. This software can also include a capture tool that enables you to take screenshots of your employee’s desktop activities

2. Function

Desktop monitoring software allows you to look at all of the applications that your employee uses. You can find out how much time he spends using these software programs. This software can also tell you the websites that your employee visits. Desktop monitoring software can also record how much time your employee stays on the websites

3. Benefits

Desktop monitoring software can prevent your employee from visiting gambling websites, shopping online or participating in social networking websites. Instead, it will force your employee to be more productive, because he has to focus on his work.

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