Google announced a new version of Android 3.2

Posted by erlan | Posted in news | Posted on 22-08-2011


Google finally announced the 3.2 operating system hive. It was announced in a blog post on the Android developer forums.This new version is defined as the Android 3.2. This was newsfor a long time but now it’s finally here. This new version is better than previous versions.

What’s new Android 3.2

It will also support Qualcomm processor, this is an advantageand will increase the compatibility significantly. Fixed-sizeapplications that are specifically designed for small deviceswill perform better. They are also provided with the ability tomanually select if you want your application to be stretched to fit the screen or you prefer boys zoom a bit ‘. New Android 3.2also allows the Media Sync. Media Sync is now possibledirectly from the SD card as the previous version which is onlypossible from the system memory.

interesting features

Google has made a new version is more attractive, providingcontrol for developers to use system resources such as the screen resolution in relation to applications and screens. This will produce much better. Google is working hard on a newversion of Android, we must be prepared for more news about the patch release updates for tablets and gadgets. It’s verypossible, that the update will hit the tablets in the coming months. Several companies have announced they will releasetheir tablets with new honeycomb Android 3.2.

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