HITACHI spare parts catalogue

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HITACHI spare parts catalogue Power Tools USA was the production of quality products since 1994. They produce a variety of tools top of the line and accessories, many construction companies and ordinary people to acquire. These tools can be used in different constructions, it could be residential or commercial properties.

According HITACHI spare parts catalogue 2011, Available spare parts and accessories for the Hitachi drives include:
FA-4PWM – Pulse Width Modulation filter to produce analog speed reference signal from drive to an analog sensing device (such as a meter or PLC analog input). The pulse width modulation filter card smooths the pulse-width modulated signal from the FM output terminal on the drive to a 0-10V DC signal. This signal can then be used as a source to PLC analog input modules or metering devices. The FA-4PWM has four channels for use with multiple inverters.

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