SwiftKey X Keyboard for Android and Tablet Device

Posted by erlan | Posted in Gadgets and Gizmos | Posted on 15-08-2011


       The SwiftKey X Keyboard is one of the Android application that will help you to type easily and quickly as possible in your phone or tablet. It carries an Artificial Social Intelligence features that are ready to learn closely from whatever you type it will throw up suggestions that word very close to accurate, it will ask your permission to access SMS, social networks like facebook and twitter or Google + and Email to understand what your typing style you usually do.
Another interesting feature of the X Keyboard SwiftKey is support 22 languages ​​and typing style options that help you easily in a typing text on your cell phone or tablet. No, you will not be bored in using it because there are three minor themes, neon and dark you can choose to make you more comfortable and adjsut to your phone or tablet color theme. It is practically distinct from but similar to what Swype Trace Nuance T9 is for Samsung devices to choose from. We believe it’s one big android applications and of course very useful, right?
The X Keyboard SwiftKey has passed the test and has been officially launched BETA for your cell phone or tablet android. You can buy and download android appplication awesome for the price of just $ 1.99 only from the Android market and you can directly download it from your device android. It comes with a very low price if you look at the specs above, hope you enjoy it and good luck.

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