The Many Uses for USB Flash Drives

Posted by admin1 | Posted in Technology | Posted on 02-08-2011


One of the most frustrating things that can happen is when someone loses computer data.  Whether it is due to equipment malfunction, computer virus, or other cause, losing data is a constant threat in today’s computer age.  One easy way to insure that data stays safe is to save it on an external storage source.  There are many large external hard drives available, but many times people need something  that is more portable.  For maximum safety, convenience, reliability, and portability, many people consider wholesale flash drives.  Computer data can simply be saved on the flash drive (which plugs into any standard USB sized port), and be safely transported to wherever that data is needed.


The wholesale flash drives that are currently available are much different that the ones that were available.  When they first started becoming commercially available, they were very uiltitarian.  They all looked pretty much the same, and could hold only a small amount of data (usually much less than 1 GB).  Due to modern technology, the storage space in a flash drive has increased exponentially.  Now, USB flash drives are available with many gigabytes of storage.  This means that they can hold many word processing documents or spreadsheets, hundred of songs, or even several minutes of video tape. 


The design of flash drives has also modernized considerable.  Rather than just being house in simple black housing, they now come in a multitude of colors and designs.  A person can now carry a USB flash drive in whatever they choose, from red to purple to neon green to gray.  USB flash drives can also be color coordinated to organize the data itself.  For instance, one may want to storage their music on a black flash drive, their Power Point presentations on a blue flash drive, and their spreadsheets on an orange flash drive.  USB drives also make great stocking stuffers or small gifts.  They now come in so many styles, that one can be chosen that matches their personality.  For instance, a person can give a gift in the shape of a favorite cartoon character, a musical instrument, or even personalized with their own name.  Personalization also offers many options for businesses to purchase wholesale flash drives, personalize them with their own name, and give them as promotional gifts.  

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