Top 25 Android Applications

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Android Market may not have many applications as the iPhone App Store, but there is still quite overwhelmed, and it grows with a breakneck pace. To help you sort through them all, here’s a list of the best applications I’ve found in Android.Again, remember that this is a picture in time. The Android platform is evolving very quickly now that I guarantee my home screen look different months from now.
The best way to see a list of the top Android apps are in the gallery of screenshots. However, you can also see my top 25 list below.
1. Google Voice
Google Voice is a very useful service I think is one of the benefits of Android itself, mainly because Apple refused to vote for the iPhone Google application. It gives you a telephone number to call to some place or device and allows you to access all your voice messages and text messages over the Web. Android app integrate more deeply. This can make outgoing calls look like they come from Google Voice number so you can store your real mobile number private.
2. Advanced Task Killer
One of the realities have multitasking on the Android mobile OS is that you should set your application so that they do not hurt performance or battery life. Advanced Task Killer (or ATK) is my favorite. It even comes with a widget that you can press once to kill all open applications.
3. Dropbox
Dropbox is a great cloud service that automatically syncs folders files between multiple computers (Windows, Mac, or Linux). This application extends Dropbox for Android and interact with other applications (such as Documents To Go) to open the file.
4. Evernote
Once you get used to typing on the virtual keyboard (and honestly took me over a year to do so), then this device is great for recording, and Evernote is a great application notes.This is similar to the Dropbox in saving the data locally but align it on all your machines and devices.
5. DroidAnalytics
For some reason Google does not have an official application (either for Android or iPhone) to Google Analytics. The best I’ve ever found on the Android DroidAnalytics. One more good is mAnalytics.
6. Documents To Go
The free version of Documents To Go offers a great little reader for Word and Excel files. You can upgrade to full version ($ 15) if you want to edit the file and add the PowerPoint file to the mix. If you want editing capabilities, I also suggest taking a look at QuickOffice.
7. Amazon Kindle
I never warm to the Amazon Kindle e-reader, but I’m a big fan of the Kindle is a mobile application. Since the release I’ve read more books just because I am always with my smartphone and I can draw and read a few pages whenever I have a few free minutes.
8. Places Directory
This is an amazing application to find shops and services near your location. From restaurants to theaters to medical facilities for taxis, this application is accurate and take advantage of the business information from Google Local. This application is better than the info you get from a GPS unit (or applications) and better than a similar application available on iPhone.
9. TripIt
I dig TripIt. This is by far the best app I found to keep track of all my itinerary. It runs on some nice backend systems. You just forward your confirmation emails for your flight, hotel, car rental, and more to TripIt, and automatically organizes them into a trip with all the details and confirmation number.
10. Seesmic
Twitter is an instant-intelligence machine incredible and it was made for mobile browsing. Although there is an official Twitter app for Android now, Seesmic is still the best Android Twitter client.
11. FCC speedtest
I’m obsessed with running a speed test to check my bandwidth at various places, good to see fluctuations in 3G and to examine the quality of the Wi-Fi. There are a number of applications speedtest really good, but my new favorite is the FCC Test app.
12. Astro File Manager
One more great thing about Android (if you’re a tinkerer or a geek) is that you have access to lower levels to the system itself. Astro is an application that lets you navigate the file system Android.
13. Got To Do
There is much to be done on applications to choose from but I prefer Android Got To Do because of a solid interface and the fact that it can sync with Toodledo services online.
14. Essence
Many of us have a list of contacts in the various computers, devices, and online services. Sari is a Web service that can bring them together and even pull stuff from the Web to help you keep up to date with your most important contacts. There is an Android application and iPhone applications.
15. TED Mobile
TED is interesting events that have a public meeting of the minds some of the most influential thinkers. You will surely agree with some of them, because there is great diversity of opinion, but talks a lot worth listening to. What I like is that they have taken a video of their conference and make them freely available on the web. This application provides a great way to access the video. I hope more follow the TED conference this.
16. Pandora
Pandora is a streaming “radio station” for the Internet era. You just search by artist or song and it will create playlists based on a running one piece of information. This ad intersperses occasionally between songs, but the ads tend to be fairly local and sometimes even useful.
17. Shazam
If you want to impress your friends with mobile applications, showing them Shazam. Ever heard the song being played in shops or on the radio and ask yourself, “Oh, what song is it?”That’s where Shazam in. Just push the button and let stand for 15 seconds to listen, database query, and then return the artist name and song. It has about 80% success rate.
18. Dial Zero
Are you one of those people who call customer service line and just keep pressing zero until you get to talk with a real person? Then Dial Zero is your new friend. This application provides a directory of tons of business in the United States and give you a number to help you get closer to a real person and instructions to hit the prompts to speak to people as quickly as possible.
19. Google Goggles
This is a fun little application, but ahead of time. That visual search. You can take pictures of objects and then the application tries to tell you what they are. It was limited in scope but quite cool, and it’s definitely a peek into the future.One of the coolest features is the ability to take pictures of text in a foreign language and let the application that translates for you. In foreign countries, this can help you read the road signs and avoid going into the wrong bathroom. 🙂
20. Google Sky Map
Ever look at the night sky and try to tell your children the name of the constellation that you refer to, or trying to remember the planets in the southern sky? Google SkyMap your smartphone lets you point at it and get information. This is part of a new generation of applications called “Augmented Reality” applications that digital information layer on top of real world experience.
21. Tricorder
Many of the geeks I know like to say that our smartphones become more and more like the Star Trek Tricorders. Well, here’s a fun application that turns your Android devices into the virtual tricorder. He even offers some useful environmental information, including GPS data, wireless data, and measurements of ambient noise.
22. FxCamera
Honestly, the camera software on the Android is an area where major improvements are needed, but these applications are great examples of what is possible. He has a solid camera control, full customization options, and offers some great effects to photos.
23. Photoshop Mobile
Photoshop is, of course, the most famous photo editor in the world and its mobile applications do not do anything to hurt that reputation. But while the desktop version has a feature out of billions, mobile applications are distinguished by its simplicity. This is the best Android (and iPhone) photo editing app for simple crop, brightness adjustment, and sharpen, for example.
24. Bump
Bump is a fun (and useful) ideas to share info between two phones using the accelerometer, and working on Android and the iPhone. You can use it to share your contact info (you and others), photos, and applications. Both of you simply open the application Bump, choosing what to share, and then holding the phone in your hand and bump your hands together.
25. Barcode Scanner
These applications convert the camera into a barcode scanner Android. You simply scan the product UPC code and let the application go to work to find it on Google Product Search or searching the open Web. You will be amazed at how quickly it works. This is great for when you shop and you want to check the retail price of their products online before buying to make sure you pay a fair price.

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