What is Lap Band surgery?

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Lap Band surgery is the process of placing a prosthesis known as the Lap Band around the upper stomach to create a smaller stomach pouch that in turn limits the amount of food an individual can fit into their stomach. Lap Band surgery (a bariatric surgery procedure) was approved by the FDA in 2001 and gained increasing popularity in the weight loss world from that point forward. The procedure itself is minimally invasive as high cholesterol and the lap band surgery enter the stomach region via small incisions and use surgical instruments to insert the Lap Band.The main reason for having the surgery performed is so that the individual having it done will not only lose weight but keep the weight off as well. This is a new method that is recommended for those individuals who experience morbid obesity and have tried to lose the weight but have failed in their attempts to lose the weight and keep it off.

 What are the benefits of the Lap-Band?

 Lap Band surgery is most appropriate for people who are suffering from health problems that are caused by morbid obesity.  After receiving Lap-Band surgery, nearly 80 percent of patients with hypertension no longer need to take their medication. Over 90 percent of people with medical problems caused by there weight such as type II non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus no longer need their medication. Obese people who suffer from asthma, joint pain, fatigue, shortness of breath, arthritis, and sleep apnea also see an improvement in their health after Lap Band procedure.

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