Free SMS and Phone Calls with Google Voice

Posted by erlan | Posted in news | Posted on 06-09-2011


Definition: Google Voice is the Internet based phone forwarding service by Google. It was previously known as GrandCentral. Google Voice is available in the US and free except for international calls, which are offered at rates generally lower than those of phone carriers. This is similar to Skype.
Google Voice gives you a separate phone number which you can give out as if it is your regular phone number. You can then change your settings to have calls forward to any of your phones.You can even browse and choose your own number and change your number (for a fee.)

With Google Voice, we could receive all phone calls to SMS from a different number that we have, either via phone or web Google Voice.

When you register, we will be given a new phone number that later this number will be used to access all the features available in the Google Voice. After getting the number, we also have to register the phone number (home or cell phone) so that all incoming calls to that number, will proceed to the number of existing Google Voice.

Here delicious, if we had a few phone numbers, we only need to carry one phone only. If you want to say almost the same as we use the Dual GSM mobile phone with Google Voice but we can enter more than 2 phone numbers.

Google Voice not only makes you able to use the telephone and SMS for free but also provides many features such as voicemail, call records and more.

To call or send SMS, we can directly access the Google Voice either via web or phone but to make international calls, we have to pay but the price is quite cheap because it uses a system of VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol).

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