T8 Led Tube Review

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T8 LED Tube is new indoor lighting product. With special circuit design and heat dissipation, the T8 LED Tube Light can achieve high luminous efficacy, energy saving, long lifespan, high lumens, no flickering and high CRI. Applied with new type of LED, the tube has the same or even more light output compared with fluorescent tube without reflector or flick when starting. For example, our 8W, 16W, 21W T8 led tube light fixtures can replace 16W, 32W and 40W traditional fluorescent tubes and do not need ballast or starter. It save another 8-13W.

 LED Tube are the next generation solution to replace the conventional fluorescent light. LED Tube are well-suited used for 1.Hotels Hospitals; 2.Factories & Offices Commercial Complexes; 3.Conference / Meeting rooms ; 4.Residential / Institution Buildings ; 5.Schools, Colleges & Universities ; 6.LED home Lighting, offices, parking lot,supermarkets. 7.Places where need energy saving and high color rendering index lighting.

The T8 LED Light tubes are excellent replacements for the traditional T8 fluorescent light tubes that you can find mostly in offices and stores. The T8 LED light tubes have a much longer life time than the traditional T8 fluorescent light tubes which reaches up to 80,000 hours, equivalent to 8,000 to 10,000 working days.

Saving up to 70%-80% of energy, in comparison to the traditional T8 fluorescent light tubes, they are also cost saving in terms of replacement and maintenance. The biggest advantage of the T8 LED light tubes is that they solve the problem of faculae, heat elimination and light fade.

The T8 LED light tubes are processed by special technology and make the point light source to strip light source, so the light comes out well-distributed and without faculae. At the same light effect (same luminous flux) our T8 LED light tubes use much less LED’s than those on the market, thus less heat generated, longer life, and light fades much less.

The T8 LED light tubes can be widely used in homes, offices, hotels, shopping malls, super markets, underground parking lots, corridors, and other various public areas.


    1) Solid-state, high shock / vibration resistant

    2) Major reduction in power costs

    3) No RF interference, No buzzing noise

    4) No fluorescent flickering

    5) No hazard of mercury or lead entering the environment,fully RoHS-compliant

    6) No danger of broken glass

    7) No threat of high-voltage electrocution

    8) Maintenance free, easy installation

    9) Long lifetime

    10) Low power consumption, high intensity

 T8 LED Tube Application

1. Offices

2. Shopping malls

3. Library

4. Exhibition Gallery

5. Factories

6. Closet

7. Recreation application

 T8 LED Tube Component

1. Power Supply

2. PC cover top case

3. Aluminum plate Light board

4. Aluminum groove bottom case

5. LED Bulb chip

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