Types of Pex Tubing

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PEX tubing is classified based on the manner in which it is produced. This type is only referred to by letter: a, b, and c. PEX-AL-PEX is another type of PEX pipe that is completely different from both the PEX a, b, or c.

Development of PEX product is currently growing rapidly. There is a specific product from a very prevalent PEX Tubing on the market and are often seen. Pex Tubing system provides supplies for outfitting PolyAlloy built light angle, where the channel could not be extended in a corner of 90 degrees. the PolyAlloy is not  just better but also more cost-effective compared to sharkbite permanent fixture.

There are basically 3 types of PEX pipe to choose from. There are 3 types of PEX pipes. They included the PEX-a, PEX-b and PEX-c. Although all PEX pipe created through different processes, their composition structure is similar. PEX pipe created through cross linking polyethylene molecules to each other so as to achieve the substance. PEX-a strong, the resultant quality of PEX-b and PEX-c tells you that the three types of different processes, and so on, ranging from A as the highest, followed by B, and then C.

 PEX-A is manufactured through the “Engel method.” The cross-linking is done above the crystal melting point which provides more consistent and uniform cross-linking.

 EX-B-pipe was created through a process called moisture healing using a Silicon hydrides that are analogous to the paraffin hydrocarbon, called Silane. The process of cross-linking certain degree of heat and moisture. This method raises some weakness in which weaker chemical bonds, and so, PEX-b is not as strong as PEX-a, but more rigid.

PEX-C is formed through the process of electron beam. Cross-linking is done under the melting point crystal and creating cross-less uniform than either PEX-PEX-b or process.

However they are less expensive and more suitable for household usage, particularly where the application is less susceptible to environmental ruggedness.

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