Using Tap and Die Sets

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Taps and dies are cutting tools used to create screw threads, which is called threading, A tap is a threaded tool used to thread or re-thread a female screw or bolt hole (nut type) in metals and other solid substances capable of holding a thread (some plastics particle). A die is the companion threading tool used to thread or re-thread a male screw/bolt that has been damaged or stripped. Both tools can be used to clean up a thread, which is called chasing.

 Function of tap and die sets

Dies are used to thread pipes, metal rods, plastic rods and sometimes wood rods. They are a generally inexpensive way to create bolt-like shafts in custom applications when the correct length is not available. This is particularly helpful when the object being re-threaded is mounted or fixed in location to access. Taps are often used in automotive type applications when bolt holes have been stripped or when bolts sheer off.

Benefits of tap and die sets

A hand tap and die sets is a good addition to a well-stocked toolbox for any individual who likes to do home, car, motorcycle or boat repairs. Using the tools are not difficult but they do require careful alignment to work properly.

A tap and die always works together because the tap creates female portion of the pair and the die creates the male portion. Once you have finished with the tap, it is time to move onto the die. When using the die, it is important to make sure that the bolt is completely secured.

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