What is Rising Damp and How to Cure Rising Damp?

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Rising damp occurs when moisture creeps slowly from the soil under a structure and up into the base of the walls. Most commonly, this occurs in buildings made of brick or stone, as the moisture follows the capillary nature of the masonry. This moisture carries dissolved salts, nitrates, phosphates and other naturally occurring elements. Damage occurs as the salts expand and contract within the wall through on-going seasonal wetting and drying cycles.

There are primarily 2 ways that of introducing a brand new damp-proof course into an existing wall, however only 1 of those strategies – inserting a brand new physical membrane DPC into the wall is for certain to cure rising damp in all circumstances. This can be often said because the ancient methodology. If a brand new physical membrane is put in properly, there’s no means that moisture will penetrate across it. The opposite methodology is to inject a chemical barrier into the wall. For more information about cure rising damp please follow the link.

Alternatively, if the wall can not be injected it could be tanked and then pastered over.

 Either way the plaster needs to be repaired as the salts from the ground water will damage it beyond repair, Make sure it’s a reputable company that carry out the work,

There are many others factors that may cause rising damp and it is not an easy task to cure it. But you must need to know that rising damp is water that enters a structure from the ground, commonly caused by having a damaged damp proof course.

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