All about convert raw

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The pictures are unprocessed raw data, files are not available, printed or edited. Need for a process to an image in the image raw to turn, then it’s better than those who see more interest.
Normal image viewer can open even a raw image files. Each device manufacturer Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Samsung, photo, etc, has its own variations of RAW image format. The image loaded the user to view, edit is in the RAW converter and contract out, or print can be the normal image viewer. Room dark scarab is an image of the digital camera RAW file converter, which supports a large number of the camera. There are benefits to RAW shoot instead of JPEG images. RAW images are not compressed and protect the information on Definition of exposure, which allows you to decide Color temperature and so on, when you take images in Photoshop
to achieve maximum quality.
it’s all need convert raw to get picture more interest.

If process batch you many of the same RAW image formats Parameters, and save it in JPEG format, you have lost and Benefits and may even have was first shot in JPEG.

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