how to protect your data on usb

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USB Flash drive is very practical in data storage, because they are really good markets and comfortable you can move data between computers. The only problem is when you store sensitive data on a USB drive. If you want to save the data that is important, but avoid the risk of loss or theft by others?.
Encryption is a method in which data is encrypted using a password-based key, so encrypt usb flash drive.
that nobody can read the data unless you know the key to decrypt.
Before the unit has a capacity of under 1 GB. But now, you can find 2 GB to 4 GB of disk where-where the size of most of this, they really can come in handy. You can use for storing the many types of files, such as music, images, video, or important documents. Some also use it to store a bootable operating system. I use to save a text file that contains the password for all your online accounts, such as for online bank accounts, passwords and user of facebook, twitter, credit card accounts, etc. And because flash drive so it is portable, it makes sense to have one. However, because they are highly portable, they can easily be lost, stolen or damaged. If you’re like me and store personal information on a flash drive, the information that you do not want to fall into the wrong hands, you must encrypt flash drive. Encrypting flash drives, the files contained in it be password protected and accessible only by you, or someone who knows the password. There are many different applications that help you encrypt flash drive. Some drive manufacturers, including cryptographic applications on flash drives. In this tutorial, I will show you how to encrypt portable USB flash drive using my favorite freeware applications.

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