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Before we talk about the function and how do I get a webhosting, we need to know the definition of webhosting.

Webhosting is a kind of space or room on the internet where we store data on our website so our website can be accessed on the internet. For easily, let’s just say it was a hard drive or a webhosting hard drive or other storage media. But their location is not on our computers, but in America. Different webhosting with hard drive: If we save the data on our website in our computer hard drive, then who can see our website is just us only. While if we store data on our website at webhosting, then our website can be viewed/accessed by the rest of the world’s internet users.

Webhosting also exist which provide for free and there is also paid. What’s the difference? A free reply tend to have many limitations. Both in terms of quality and power. For example, on a paid webhosting we can control our accounts, while in substitute free webhosting is very limited powers. In fact it is not impossible data we removed unilaterally by webhosting. Unlike the case with paid hosting, they shouldn’t go around deleting data we, right we pay always try to provide the best quality Web hosting services at a price of cheap hosting and cheap domain buy service.

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