The Difference between netbooks and notebooks

Posted by admin1 | Posted in Laptop And Netbook | Posted on 16-12-2011


The term notebook and netbook is a little confusing to me. In addition to its obvious smaller and practically, what differentiates a notebook and a netbook in General? Do I also get to watch the movie with high-definition visuals on a netbook?
actually both notebooks and netbooks are included in the function category laptop carried everywhere. It’s just that the term refers to the netbook laptops that use the Intel Atom platform. One of the advantages of this platform is a very low power consumption and the price is very affordable. This certainly imposes its performance that pas-pasan. Tough enough to wear Netbook Internet browsing, typing, play a song, play non Hi-Def video, and game play. The Notebook itself refers to a laptop that is customarily found in different sizes. Compared to netbook, notebook has performance that is much more toned and present in a variety of specifications. “

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