the success stories of malik ishmuratov 2 2

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Malik Ishmuratov is a great success with their leading edge jewellery company. but after a business decision is wrong, he loses everything with his company. It is destroyed

Starting a business in the area of the estate of Malik Ishmuratov. A one and two in the area of real estate investment, while Dubai cards, his wife made.

Then began his wife in detail explain. If you are planning to invest money in the property? You have several options: you buy a piece of land, hotel, apartment and then construction start, you can an apartment in a building to buy and then rent, you can buy a House and rent as owner or small business owners. Depending on the objective, it should know what was he looking for a place, and you must be a highly focused as you handle, that no one wants money or invest in a business or property is not prospect. A simple change of the journey of a lifetime and make it successful honourable Malik Ishmuratov and real estate investor.

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