Benefit of domain monitoring

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Monitoring server is a server that is in charge of monitoring/monitor/check other servers and gives notifications if there are certain things that happened. For example, a monitoring system can periodically contact a web server to ensure the existence of a response from the web server, if no response then the monitoring system then sends the message or notification to the administrator. Network monitoring system (NMS) is a part of network management.
The number of hosts in a network can increase rapidly. So that an administrator needs to be an application to manage your network easily. Management system and process monitoring Linux-based host over the web and SMS is an application that is used to get information about the performance of the host and process management easy. These applications use TCP/IP protocols such as Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP), Secure Shell (SSH) protocol. It is also important in order to domain monitoring, so that your domain remains awake and can be accessed by everyone.
The application can periodically monitor and output in the form of graphics on web pages. Performance factors which can be dimonitoring is the use of memory and CPU time from the host system. This application also monitors the traffic of network interfaces such as inbound and outbound packets. In addition, the network administrator may request information from the server about memory usage and CPU time via SMS service.
Information obtained from these applications can be used to help the network administrator to make good policy quickly about the host system. The Network Administrator can make the decision to shut down a process that is not essential to the system. So the system can work optimally

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