Cause n treatment of shingles symptoms

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Shingles is an infection of the skin that is caused by the varicella zoster virus. People who have shingles develop the condition in childhood in the form of chickenpox, but there are also some adults that the symptoms of herpes zoster also the contract. The virus can remain dormant in the bloodstream for years before it is clear, then you must make sure that you are constantly aware of the symptoms, if you or your child has chickenpox had in the past.

 One of the most common shingles symptoms has pain, followed by a rash. If you having unexplained pain in every area of your body and you will see a rash in the same place a few days later, this is a sign that you have shingles may have. You must have a doctor immediately for more information about the point that you must visit. Attention to the symptoms treatment will immediately create much more effective.

A person with a rash of shingles can the varicella zoster virus about someone who is not infected with the virus, usually a child pass. However, it would be just the person infected develop chickenpox, not shingles. Herpes zoster occurs a reactivation of latent viruses, not “takes” by someone who has shingles.

 In a usual type symptoms of shingles aperson who feels pain in that area first, then later outbreak in blisters. the first symptoms that can be noted is fever, headache, muscle stiffness, fatigue, stomach and diarrhea.

 The symptoms of shingles include:

–          Pain or feeling bruised-usually on one side of the face or body-often with fever, chills, headache and upset stomach.

–          Tingling, itching or tingling of the skin and a red rash skin inflamed, a few days after

–          A group or a long strip of small, fluid-filled blisters

–          Depth of burn, burn, aching or throbbing pain, which can occur once in a while or last a long time.

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